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Augmented Reality Passport Keeps Traveling Children Entertained

Keeping kids under control while on the move can be difficult, especially if it involves a long-distance flight. Thankfully, a new smartphone app created by Blippar is facing that challenge head on using AR technology.The app is triggered by a British passport, which launches a simplified flight simulator that can keep kids amused for hours. If they grow bored of that, there are also more engaging elements such as general knowledge questions and common language phrases. Languages included are Spanish, French, Italian and Croatian – which means kids could be kept amused, and learn something new in the process.We wanted to create something fun,

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06 Sep
Steve Dann @BerwickPost
Augmented Reality Passport Keeps Traveling Children Entertained - PSFK - http://t.co/zzJ2ae9iNc
05 Sep
AugmentedAdvertising @AugmentedAdvert
Augmented Reality PassportPSFKA multi-faceted app makes it easy to keep kids occupied and teach them new langu... http://t.co/BhrfQK41o7