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Innovative technology brings Rob Thomas campaign to life

Rob Thomas, an independent candidate for Auckland Council in New Zealand, is engaging with voters through an innovative virtual campaign.People can now use their smartphones to view an animated version of Rob’s campaign material using an app called Layar, allowing a static image of Thomas to come to life with a short message for voters.“These are the first talking billboards in the world, all you have to do is point your phone and watch the billboard come alive – it’s freaky,” Thomas says.“Each week I’ll post up an interactive new video on issues facing ordinary Auckland’s living in the inner-city.”The technology is integrated across all the

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10 Sep
M. Lens-FitzGerald @Dutchcowboy
Augmented Reality mixes well with politics in New Zealand http://t.co/2HA85oh8fS and in Germany with thr PM http://t.co/zF9K1FNAiU NY next?
10 Sep
Layar @Layar
Techday – Innovative technology brings Rob Thomas campaign to life. Layar use case from New Zealand. http://t.co/a2LmhHtD8p
10 Sep
Quintin Schevernels @Quintin24
Very nice to see Augmented Reality becoming part of the elections in New Zealand http://t.co/dC24rWesMB #Layar