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Predicting Transmedia and Augmented Reality Futures

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I was invited to present to a small public group last month on Media Futures up in the Northern Territory here in Australia – this followed an ABC only presentation. I generally don’t do the Futurist thing, I feel uneasy, stepping into tarot, astrology or doom sayer territory, where many factors such as user behaviour, new devices or new format/marketing development are on unpredictable shifting sands. So I prefer to call my approach to future ‘no brainer’ism’. There are some things that are so obvious, in terms of where we are heading, that simple trends analyses will give us some clarity in around a 2-5 year timeframe.I will let my long 2 hour

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17 Oct
Gary Hayes @GaryPHayes
Predicting Transmedia and Augmented Reality Futures - #evergreen http://t.co/6hA60BMEQa