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The xNT implantable NFC chip

Let's produce the worlds first NFC compliant RFID implant, together! Near Field Communication or NFC specifications contain a set of standards which are applied to a specific set of RFID technologies, and it's taking the world by storm in the form of devices like mobile phones and tablets. We've successfully prototyped and tested the world's first implantable NFC technology - we call it the xNT.The xNT is a 2mm x 12mm, fully NFC Type 2 compliant RFID tag encased in a cylindrical Schott 8625 bioglass ampule and sterilized in ethylene oxide gas. It is compatible with all NFC compliant devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. and can be used

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29 Oct
M. Lens-FitzGerald @Dutchcowboy
Normally i am pretty quick on very cool Indiegogo projects, I am hestiant on this tho: the xNT implantable NFC chip http://t.co/hj12HQiJuO